Modular kitchen design

Modular kitchen design

Modular kitchen design

A kitchen is the place where maximum time has been spent within the house. As such, the kitchen should provide people with utility and comfort. Nowadays, the modular kitchen is the most preferred kitchen. So, if you are thinking of changing your ordinary design of the kitchen to a modular design we can make it easier for you.

Here, we provide you with 15 tips on how to remodel your old ordinary kitchen to a modular kitchen design. This are-

  1. Plan the layout in order to create a well design kitchen

In order to create a clutter free and organized kitchen, you must plan it smartly. You have to make sure that your modular design is convenient in your kitchen work. Before hiring someone for designing modular kitchen for you, you must detach the cabinets, drawers, oven, water purifier and other essential items as per the needs of the kitchen work. A well planned design always pay off .

  1. Customize the size of the kitchen

One of the main benefits or you can say feature of a modular kitchen design is that every area of a kitchen can be customized as per your needs. In addition, each space of the kitchen can be used by making cabinets. Drawers and cabinets can be made of different sizes. It helps to order some utensils like cutlery, spoons, crockery and many more. Different designs of elements add effectiveness to the kitchen design.

  1. Introduce required modular accessories

Some of the modular accessories are pull-out cabinets, wire drawers, adjustable shelves, etc. These modular accessories can be installed to make some spaces in the kitchen. The corners that are hard to access end can be turned into some functional area by adding corner carousels. The accessories that are attached to the cabinets are used to store bottle, vegetables, trays, etc. If there is an enough space in your kitchen, you can create a tall unit. And with this, you can create a pantry that will use to access cooking supplies.

  1. Install Modular shelves to the kitchen

You can install modular shelves to your kitchen in order to get access to kitchen utensils. Further, you can also add some small shelves to store ingredients and other spices that are required regularly while cooking. In addition, you can fix wall accessories between the overhead counter and cabinets for hanging some items such as spatulas, tongs, spoons, etc. However, the use of wall accessories can help to make effective utilization of area.

  1. Install a chimney

A fire place is the place which plays an important role within the kitchen. This is because, the fireplace helps to prevent the tiles and cabinets from gathering grime. In such a way, it helps to keep the kitchen area fresh and clean. In addition, this design also adds a sleek modern look to the kitchen. However, kitchen chimney is of two types, such as ducted and ductless. These chimneys are either wall mounted or available as island chimney.

  1. Pick a color scheme that is appealing

By using a good color scheme, we can make our modular kitchen design look more dazzling. Multi-colored or monochrome laminates make the kitchen space look more vibrant. We can use multi colored laminates in the drawers and cabinets. Using tiles contrasting with the color of the cabinets make the décor even more amazing.

  1. Embrace the one-wall layout of the kitchen with modular design

Most of the kitchen have built the stove and the sink on the same counter top which make clutter in the place. Therefore, the space can be maximized by incorporating cabinets at the bottom as well as the top within the kitchen. In addition, you can also maximize the space of the storage by featuring floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Floor-to-ceiling will add a seamless aesthetic appeal in the kitchen.

  1. You can add a wall mounded shelf with a foldable style table

A wall mounded shelf with a foldable table can create a view of eat in space in the kitchen. The foldable feature of the table will help to create extra space in the kitchen.

  1. For storage, use vertical wall

Vertical wall make your counter clear. You can store kitchenware like pans and pots on these shelves. A shelf that has been placed onto the opposite wall can be used to store decorative items such as fancy china or plants. In addition, it also can be used to store spices in glass jars. It will act as a colorful accessory within the kitchen. The vertical shelf creates an illusion of height in the kitchen.

  1. Try to focus on the finishes

Having a small kitchen means you have a less square footage to consider while choosing designs for the kitchen. However, a small space reduces the cost of renovation. A simple way you can lend a new look to the kitchen is by introducing new piece of hardware. Plus, a gold metal finish will make the kitchen look more luxurious.

  1. To creative an illusion of space, use glass cabinets

You can create illusion of space by introducing glass cabinets in the kitchen. By using glass cabinets, you can have the opportunity to display your variety of goods beautifully. Further, the top shelf area will be the best and safest place to incorporate glass cabinets. By placing glass cabinets in the top shelf, you can minimize the risk of breakage.

  1. Do not forget about the style

When you are about to create a modular kitchen just do not forget to consider the style. The interior designer uses textures and colors to create an elegant and beautiful look to the kitchen. The designer will do everything like wall art, cabinets and many more. There are many others things that designer will do to make your kitchen look beautiful.

  1. Choose quality over quantity

When transforming your ordinary kitchen design to modular kitchen design, opt for quality over quantity. Try to replace appliances and cabinets with less and better. And do not forget that modular kitchen is something that adds what you desire for, nothing else.

  1. Categorize appliances

Kitchen appliances play an important role in modular kitchen design. From dishwashers and oven to refrigerators and microwaves, everything that you have in your home contributes to the overall feel. Before you starting a plan, you must need to know what you want to add in your kitchen.

  1. Add some spice

To get some help in converting your kitchen design to modular kitchen design, you can take help from local home interior designers. The designers will guide you with the right direction.

Due to the effective space management and easy installation, modular kitchen design has become more popular than those ordinary kitchen designs. We sure that these tips will help you transform your ordinary kitchen into a modular kitchen. If you are not very familiar with the modular kitchen designs, it may seem overwhelming to make a decision. Hence, to get some help with the decision, you may ask interior designer. In addition to these 15 tips, you can also add right color scheme to the process. Colors like green or blue help us feel relax and creative. Hence, while renovating kitchen, you must think about color scheme.

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