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Hospitality Interior

Hospitality interior design mostly focuses on environments that host the public. It includes hotels, nightclubs, theater, cruise ships and many more. However, hospitality interior covers a wide range of tasks. It covers duties from planning the floor to coloring walls. It also includes the style of furniture. All of these areas are carefully designed, so that the interior ensures a unique feel in the space. The interior designer creates space in restaurants and hotels, and is sometimes also called hospitality designer. Hospitality interior designing is one of the most important areas of interior design. Interior design plays a key role in the attraction of more customers especially in service-driven businesses like the hospitality sector.

Ornate Interiors have completed many lavish and beautiful interior projects in these years, such as spa interior, hotel interior, etc. we believe that in terms of hospitality interior design, balance plays a key role in customer experience. Our hospitality interior designers  know how to strike a balance between high-end and top functionality.

Some of the benefits of our interior designs are :

Hospitality sector must include certain amenities and features in order to excite customers for the long term. Hospitality interior design is all about to conceptualize beautiful areas. For example: in a restaurant, an interior designer must develop an industrial kitchen. Further, the hospitality interior also includes floor and ceiling design, lighting, smart technology, etc. Moreover, they must develop an aesthetic that addresses the needs of the hospitality sector.

Hotel interiors :-

ornate interiors have attended many hotel interior designing projects where it is mostly observed that since the entrance lobby is the first sight of the hotel, it very often acts as the impression maker of the building. So it has to be designed as an attractive multi-use space for casual as well as formal meetings of customers. Likewise the customer wants the hotel bathroom to be like a Spa but it also has to be less space consuming at the same time.

Restaurant interiors :-

From our Experience of restaurant design we have concluded that the cooking is art for most of the restaurants so the interior should match the cooking quality of the restaurant. Orate interiors focuses on creating design that becomes memorable for the customers. We believe in pushing creativity to new heights to achieve exceptional results. 

Theater interior design :-

Theater interior designs are mainly the one that is fully incorporated with hi-tech services, so it has to be designed in such a way that can make the customer feel the comfort you are aiming to provide. Technology friendly services are usually considered a good way to go in the hospitality sector.  Some of the trendy choices are Adjustable lighting, comfortable sitting, on-seat mobile charging plug points, air conditioning, etc. other than these Capsule theaters are also considered as a unique design nowadays.